Meet Cynthia

Good classic photography has always amazed Cynthia. As a child she longed to have her photo taken in a professional manner but being one of three children spaced just over one year apart, life was hectic. Her grandmother was meticulous about keeping her photos in album's and pouring through these as a child was a cherished memory for her. Cynthia lost her grandfather at a very young age and has little to no memory of him. After pursuing a career in photography she learned that her grandfather was a photographer himself. As you can imagine, Cynthia was tickled to find that seeing the world through the eye of a lens was an inherited trait and obviously the path that led Cynthia to her passion.

Cynthia's love for photography rocketed when her daughter turned one. The digital age of photography was budding and Cynthia realized that if she was going to keep those images and albums alive for the next generation that she was going to have to celebrate each milestone through photography. As Cynthia's talent grew she began helping families color their world through images and personal artwork.

It's never too late to begin so we encourage you contact us and lets schedule your next memory by documenting it with beautifully framed art.